Please don't be afraid to mention your pets quirky little ways that may sound strange to some people but to a life time animal lover like myself  would be  a normal request.This is one of the reasons I set up Sue Baxter's Pet Sitting as I always found going on holiday a problem as I couldn't find any one I could trust to look after my very large managerie of pets all of whom have very different needs.
Sick and old pets are our greatest worry when we have a holiday planned as we feel terrible leaving them behind but this is sometimes unavoidable.My many years experience nursing hundreds of sick hedgehogs , foxes, birds of prey,bats,garden birds, cats ,dogs ,exotics,tortoises,rabbits,guinnea pigs,chickens etc and more have left me fully qualified to care for your pet and administer any medication required be it eye drops, insulin injections,oral medication or cleaning of wounds.